Transitioning to White LED Light in Crop Science: What You Need to Know

24th May 2019

Duration: 1 hour

In this FREE webinar, we will address concerns that come with transitioning from fluorescent, metal halide and other lighting technologies to LEDs in crop science applications. White, full spectrum LEDs are becoming the norm and present a chance for great efficiency improvements. But not all LED light is the same, nor can any LED light successfully replace growth protocols optimized over years of cultivation.

A white LED light with a finely tuned spectrum is a close match to sunlight and is capable of producing the outdoor phenotype indoors. If the lamp is well designed the spectrum will remain consistent during its lifespan enabling researchers to produce reliable results.

We will cover these and other topics that will help researchers understand if and why they should switch to LEDs. We will show concrete examples of financial savings and other efficiencies that can be achieved in this transition.


Latest Development in Research on LED for Medical Cannabis

24th October 2018

Ms. Stefanie Linzer
Biologist, Crop Science & Medical Plants Specialist

Duration: 1 hour

In 2018, a comprehensive academic study on HPS vs. LED lighting for medical cannabis has been published in the Journal of Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids. This study has compared the effects of the two light sources on medical cannabis in two rounds and these findings will be presented during this webinar!

In addition to HPS and LED light comparisons, we will discuss the lighting needs of the medical cannabis plant in all its growth stages from tissue culture to the flowering phase.


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