Valoya Welcomes New R&D Manager

03Apr '17

Valoya Welcomes New R&D Manager

Valoya has been rapidly expanding its workforce and the latest addition to the team is Mr.Petteri Ahonen as R&D manager.

Mr.Ahonen has previously worked at the Finnish Meteorological Institute as Head of Research and Development of Satellite Services and more recently with leading companies in the global aviation industry managing demanding R&D projects and developing awareness systems and remote sensing solutions for aviation. He has extensive knowledge in technical R&D, optics and optical technologies, instrumentation, measurements and atmosphere and bringing intelligence (smart instrumentation) into traditional production environments. “I see Valoya as a dynamic and highly innovative company with a passion for what it is doing. It is research oriented, dynamic and highly innovative and in it I can be part of something that can potentially make a better tomorrow by taking horticulture to the next level”, says Mr.Ahonen.

Valoya Welcome New R&D Manager

Research and development has always been Valoya’s focus in creating its high end LED grow lighting solution. This is reflected in the fact the more than half of its staff is made up of biologists and lighting specialists. Lars Aikala, Valoya’s CEO: “We are very excited we got Petteri to join our team. His know-how in advanced light measurement applications, sensors and measurement technology significantly strengthens our capacity in this area. Combined with his software design abilities, he has an ideal skillset considering the direction of our technology roadmap, primarily the LightDNA technology (dynamic outdoor light) which is set to revolutionize horticultural lighting. Petteri will speed up our development of new, yield increasing, connected, smart light solutions to our customers.”