Valoya to Host the LEDs & Innovators Conference at GreenTech Again

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29Apr '19

Valoya to Host the LEDs & Innovators Conference at GreenTech Again

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At last year’s GreenTech, Valoya hosted its first educational event titled LEDs & Innovators Conference 2018. The event gathered some of the most prominent names in crop science, vertical farming and medical plants industries as speakers. These include Richard Ballard of the infamous Growing Underground farm in London and Dr. Giovanni Minuto, the director of the esteemed agricultural research institute CeRSAA, from Italy.

Valoya announces the second edition of this event, to be held on June 12th, the second day of this year’s GreenTech. The conference is tailored to industry professionals interested in deepening their knowledge in matters of lighting for crop science, medical plants cultivation and vertical farming fields. Additionally, this is an opportunity to hear first-hand cultivation experiences from experts as well as network with industry peers.

LEDs & Innovators Conference 2019

The Program

10:15 – 11:15 Crop Science and Light

Stefanie Linzer,Biologist, Valoya

High Quality White LED Light for Crop Science Applications

11.15  11.30 Break

11:30 – 12:30 Hard Science Talk on Medicinal Cannabis

Dr. Gianpaolo Grassi, Head Researcher, CREA-CI, Italy

How Does the Light Spectrum Affect the Terpene Profile of Cannabis?

12.30  13.00 Break

13:00 – 14:30 Vertical Farming Innovators Panel

Mark Korzilius, Co-Founder & CEO, Farmers Cut,Germany

Gus van der Feltz, Chairman, Farm Tech Society

Henry Gordon-Smith, Managing Director, Agritecture

Lars Aikala, CEO,Valoya

Valoya GreenTech

From last year’s LEDs & Innovators Conferenceat GreenTech

The conference is free of charge, however the number of seats is limited. Participants need to register on Valoya’s website after which they will go through a selection process and will be notified if they can participate in the conference. The sign-up form and more information about the event is available here.

Valoya is also to host a webinar titled Transitioning to White LED Light in Crop Science, What You Need to Know on May 24that 14.00 CET. The webinar is aimed at researchers trying to understand if and why they should to move ahead to LED technology in the coming future. It will be hosted by Valoya’s Biologist, Ms. Stefanie Linzer who has more than a decade of biology expertise and has helped Valoya develop some of its patented spectra which illuminate the chambers of the world’s largest agricultural companies, research institutes and universities. The attendance is free of charge. To sign up, please click here.

White LED Light Webinar