Valoya LED Grow Lights Improve Quality and Save Energy at W.S. Bentley’s (Growers) Ltd.

10Jan '12

Valoya LED Grow Lights Improve Quality and Save Energy at W.S. Bentley’s (Growers) Ltd.

Valoya Oy, a leading provider of led lights for professional horticultural use, is proud to announce its largest customer to date in the UK.  Well established grower W.S Bentley (Growers) Ltd has chosen Valoya grow lights for their new pea shoot nursery in Snaith.

The Managing Director of the W.S. Bentley’s Jan Bentley: “We did extensive testing of the available lighting solutions for our new facility. We wanted to have the right light spectrum for our plants, as well as high light intensity fixtures, that we could use as moving lights. With Valoya’s LED lights as artificial illumination we got the best quality of pea shoots, while achieving the significant energy savings we were after. I would say that we got the best of both worlds”.

The CEO of Valoya Lars Aikala states: “Being qualified by W.S Bentley who has 50 years of experience in growing high quality products for the UK market is an honour for us and we are truly excited to get them as our customer.  Once again Valoya’s LED lighting is used by the leading growers in large scale production”.

About W.S Bentley’s

W.S. Bentley’s started out 1956 as the producer of spring onions, beetroot and radishes.  Today it grows pea shoots, micro leaf, sprouting seedlings and is best known for its salad cress that is sold across UK.

About Valoya

Valoya is a provider of energy efficient LED grow lights. Valoya LED lights have been developed using Valoya’s own proprietary LED technology and extensive plant photobiology research. Currently, Valoya’s growth lights are used for a wide variety of plant species in 15 countries. Valoya’s customer base encompasses numerous greenhouses and research institutions all over the world.