Valoya Enables Plant Growth in Europe’s Deepest Mine

03Aug '17

Valoya Enables Plant Growth in Europe’s Deepest Mine

Small town of Pyhäjärvi located in central Finland is home to Europe’s deepest mine, reaching down to 1444 m (4738 ft) below surface. The municipality of Pyhäjärvi, supported by LUKE (Natural Resources Institute Finland) is repurposing parts of the mine to be used for horticultural research. Crop production will be set up at the depth of 660 m (2165 ft) in a fully controlled environment. The aim of this research is to ensure the supply of vegetable based raw materials and uniform quality year round. Furthermore, this project aims to create a new use for the mine when metal extraction ends, in about two years from now.

Pyhäsalmi Mine with Valoya LED Grow Lights

Picture 1: The Pyhäjärvi mine project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Regional Innovations and Experiments Foundation (AIKO) of the Oulu region.

Valoya, the leading provider of research grade LED grow lights was chosen to be the lighting supplier. The research area in which a hydroponic system is being set up is 75m2. At the depth of 660 m (2165 ft) a stable temperature of 18-20 °C (65-68 F) is maintained.

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Pyhäjärven Kehitys Ltd


Vertical Farming Valoya LED Grow Lights

Picture 2: Growing Underground, Clapham South, London.

Valoya has earlier experience with illuminating underground facilities. A 33 m (110 ft) underground vertical farm in south London called Growing Underground grows many varieties of microgreens for local restaurants and retailers with Valoya lights. Valoya’s energy efficient and low temperature lights are the sole light source in the tunnel, producing the aromatic, nutritious and high quality plants.