Light Planning

Light Planning 3D Model

Essential Step to Ensure Efficient Growth

Valoya advises its customers on the number of luminaires and their positioning in respect to the plants, in order to achieve optimal light distribution and subsequently optimal plant growth.

We use externally sourced light planning services as well as our proprietary light planning technology to develop free-of-charge, comprehensive light plans.

Dialux + Light Planning Tool

The professional lighting design software application, DIALux is an industry standard when it comes to calculating and visualizing light. In addition to DIALux we use our proprietary technology called the Light Planning Tool with which we make quick, reliable light plans that serve as basis for making sales offers. The goal is to utilize the smallest number of luminaires to achieve optimal plant responses and thus support our clients’ business goals.

The light plans we produce serve as basis for the luminaire installation work.

Every light plan begins by understanding plant needs:

  • Daily photoperiod – the ratio of light and darkness during a 24 hours period
  • Lighting intensity – the number of photons to which the plants are exposed to (typically measured in µmol/m2/s)
  • Adequate light spectrum – an optimal combination of wavelengths for each growth phase

After that we can choose the appopriate luminaire type, appropriate form factor and create a light plan. Click here to read our blog post on steps one must go through when light planning.

Light Plant Report Sample

Samples of Light Plan 3D Renders

LED Grow Lights - Light Planning for Greenhouses
LED Grow Lights - Light Planning for Multilayer Systems, Vertical Farms, Shelves etc.
LED Grow Lights - Light Planning for Multilayer Systems, Vertical Farms, Shelves etc.

To learn more about our light planning technology, please contact our light planning specialist:
Mr. Jaakko Nisula
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