Collaborative project VeksthusDynamikk

24Feb '14

Collaborative project VeksthusDynamikk

An energy dynamic Norwegian greenhouse industry project VeksthusDynamikk is tackling energy savings possibilities with a broad perspective. International group of researchers and industrial partners investigate possibilites for saving energy through dynamic temperature management and removing excess humidity by condensation. Another important prospect is usage of LED lights, besides from the point of view of direct savings in electricity use, but regarding possibilities with controlling stomatal closure, disease management and replacing chemical growth regulators with appropriate light quality.

Tables in a greenhouse at The Centre for Plant Research in Controlled Climate (Ås, Norway) with Valoya lights on the two left-hand side tables, HPS illuminated table on right (experiment with poinsettia conducted by Dr. Sissel Torre and her research group).

Project VeksthusDynamikk

Institutt for plantevitenskap

The Centre for Plant Research in Controlled Climate