Slim, High Intensity LED Bars

C-Series LED Bars


The C-Series was designed for applications such as growth chambers and vertical farming. These slim, dimmable LED bars are highly resistant to dust and humidity (IP66) and come in three different lengths.

Slim, dimmable and durable. Up to 1,8 µmol/W

Model C65 – 65 Watts


Model C75 – 80 Watts


Model C90 – 90 Watts

Model C65:

1200 mm / 47.2″

2,8 kg / 6.2 lb


Model C75:

1500 mm / 59″

3,3 kg / 7.3 lb


Model C90:

1800 mm / 70.8″

3,8 kg / 8.4 lb

Model C65 – Yes


Model C75 – Yes


Model C90– Yes

Spectra available: AP67, AP673L, NS12


Up to 1,8 µmol/W


Read more about Valoya’s LED grow light spectra.

CE Marked


RoHS Compliant

Optional Hanging Hooks


Leaf Expression Systems

Crop Protection