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A piperic acid CoA ligase produces a putative precursor of piperine, the pungent principle from black pepper fruits
Schnabel, A., Cotinguiba, F., Athmer, B., Yang, C., Westermann, B., Schaks, A., Porzel, A., Brandt, W., Schumacher, F. & Vogt, T. (2019)
Accelerated Single Seed Descent (aSSD) – a novel breeding technique to speed attainment of homozygosity
Janine Croser, Federico Ribalta, Maria Pazos Navarro, Christine Munday, Karen Nelson, Kylie Edwards, Marieclaire Castello, Richard Bennett, William Erskine. (2015). ISAT 2015 2nd International Symposium on Agricultural Technology, Thailand 1–4.
Acceleration of the Breeding Program for Winter Wheat
Ferrie, A. M. R. & Polowick, P. L. (2020)
Additive QTLs on three chromosomes control flowering time in woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.)
Samia Samad, Takeshi Kurokura, Elli Koskela, Tuomas Toivainen, Vipul Patel, Katriina Mouhu, Daniel James Sargent,Timo Hytönen. Horticulture Research (2017). 4(17020).
Aethionema arabicum: a novel model plant to study the light control of seed germination
Zsuzsanna Mérai, Kai Graeber, Per Wilhelmsson, Kristian K. Ullrich, Waheed Arshad, Christopher Grosche, Danuše Tarkowská, Veronika Turečková, Miroslav Strnad, Stefan A. Rensing, Gerhard Leubner-Metzger, Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid. (2019)
Ammoniumtyppilannoituksen Vaikutus Jääsalaatin Satoon Ja Laatuun
Juha Näkkilä (2017).
Analysis Of Corylus Avellana L. Growth Under Led Lights For Reforestation Purposes
Tatiana Marras , Bartolomeo Schirone.
Apical but not sub-apical hyphal compartments are self-sustaining in growth
Tegelaar, M., van der Lans, G. P. A. & Wösten, H. A. B. (2020)
Application of wide-spectrum light-emitting diodes in micropropagation of popular ornamental plant species: a study on plant quality and cost reduction
Natalia MilerDariusz Kulus,Anita Woźny,Dominika Rymarz,Magdalena Hajzer,Krzysztof Wierzbowski,Robert Nelke,Liwia Szeffs.Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Plant (2019).55,99–108.
Artificial LED lighting enhances growth characteristics and totalphenolic content of Ocimum basilicum, but variably affects transplantsuccess
Filippos Bantisa, Theoharis Ouzounisb, Kalliopi Radogloua. Scientia Horticulturae (2016).198, 277-283.
Artificial lighting in agriculture
Silvia Bures, Miguel Urrestarazu Gavilán, Stiina Kotiranta. Enero (2018).
Belichting, CO2 en stuurlicht in de lelieteelt: een strategie voor energiebesparing
S.W. Hogewoning, G. Trouwborst, J.A.M. Kromwijk, B.A. Eveleens. Plant Lighting B.V(2015).
Blue light advances bud burst in branches of three deciduous tree species under short-day conditions
Craig C. Brelsford, T. Matthew Robson. Trees (2018).32(4), 1157–1164.
Conceptional LED Plant Lighting
Dr. Peter Doleschel, Rudolf Rinder, Maximilian Neumair. LfL Pflanzenbau (2015)
Continuous Spectrum LEDs Promote Seedling Quality Traits and Performance of Quercus ithaburensis var. macrolepis
Sonia Smirnakou, Theoharis Ouzounis,Kalliopi M. Radoglou. Frontiers in Plant Science (2018).8(188).
Design of a Real-Time Gas-Exchange Measurement System for Crop Stands in Environmental Scenarios
Kläring H.-P. & Körner, O. (2020)
Detectie van virus- en bacteriezieke pootaardappelen met behulp van vision- en sensortechnologie
Jan Kamp, Pieter Blok, Gerrit Polder, Jan van der Wolf, Henk Jalink. Smart Ziekzoeker (2016).
Discovery and mechanistic studies of cytotoxic cyclotides from the medicinal herb Hybanthus enneaspermus
Du, Q., Chan, L. Y., Gilding, E. K., Henriques, S. T., Condon, N. D., Ravipati, A. S., Kaas, Q., Huang, Y-H. & Craik, D- J. (2020)
Discrimination of boron tolerance in Pisum sativum L. genotypes using a rapid, high‑throughput hydroponic screen and precociously germinated seed grown under far‑red enriched light
Richard G. Bennett, Federico M. Ribalta, Maria Pazos‑Navarro, Antonio Leonforte, Janine S. Croser. Plant Methods (2017). 13, 70.
Diurnal Patterns of Growth and Transient Reserves of Sink and Source Tissues are Affected by Cold Nights in Barley
Barros, K. A., Esteves‐Ferreira, A. A., Inaba, M., Meally, H., Finnan, J., Barth, S., Davis, S. J. & Sulpice, R. (2020).
Do UV-A radiation and blue light during growth prime leaves to cope with acute high-light in photoreceptor mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana?
Craig Brelsford, Luis Orlando Morales Suarez, Jakub Nezval, Titta Katariina Kotilainen, Saara Maria Hartikainen, Pedro J. Aphalo, Thomas Matthew Robson. Physiologia Plantarum. (2018).165(3), 537-554.
Dynamic thermal imaging confirms local but not fast systemic ABA responses
Hanna Hõrak, Luke Fountain, Jessica A. Dunn, Joanna Landymore, Julie E. Gray
Early growth of Scots pine seedlings is affected by seed origin and light quality
Emmi Aläkärppä, Erja Taulavuori, Luis Valledor, Toni Marttila, Soile Jokipii-Lukkari, Katja Karppinen, Nga Nguyen, Kari Taulavuori, Hely Häggman. Journal of Plant Physiology (2019). 237, 120-128.
Effect of different light spectra on stomata formation of caper (Capparis orientalis Veill.) in vitro and in vivo
Mihovilović, A. B., Jerčić, I. H., Barić, M., Tomaz, I., Prebeg, T., Bekavac, K. & Kereša, S. (2020)
Effect of the Intensity and Spctral Quality of LED Light on Yield and Nitrate Accumulation in Vegetables
Cinthia Najera & Miguel Urrestarazu. (2019)
Effect of the spectral quality and intensity of light-emitting diodes on several horticultural crops
Urrestarazu, M., Nájera, C., & Gea, M. (2016).
Effects of continuous spectrum LEDs used in indoor cultivation of two coniferous species Pinus sylvestris L. and Abies borisii-regis Mattf
Sonia Smirnakou, Theoharis Ouzounis,Kalliopi Radoglou.SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF FOREST RESEARCH (2016).
Effects of HPS and LED lighting on cucumber leaf photosynthesis, light quality penetration and temperature in the canopy, plant morphology and yeild
Liisa Elina Särkkä , Kari Jokinen , Carl-Otto Ottosen, Timo Kaukoranta. Agricultural and Food Science (2017).26, 102-110.
Effects of LED-Illumination and light intensity on the acclimatization of in vitro plantlets to ex vitro conditions
E. Bleser, S. Tittmann, E.H. Rühl. ISHS Acta Horticulturae (2014). 1082, 131-140.
Effects of periodic photoinhibitory light exposure on physiology and productivity of Arabidopsis plants grown under low light
Tian, Yonglan & Sacharz, Joanna & Ware, Maxwell & Zhang, Huayong & Ruban, Alexander. (2017). Journal of Experimental Botany. 68 (15).
Efficiency of Daphnia magna in removal of green microalgae cultivated in Nordic recirculating aquaculture system wastewater
Stevčić, Č., Pulkkinen, K. and Pirhonen, P.
Enhanced Growth Characteristics Of Castanea Sativa Mill. Seedlings Under Led Lighting With Continuous Spectrum During Indoor Cultivation
Sonia Smirnakou, Kalliopi Radoglou. Forestry Ideas (2016). 22(54), 49-64.
Epoxiconazole exposure affects terpenoid profiles of oilseed rape plantlets based on a targeted metabolomic approach
Bastien Durenne, Alodie Blondel, Philippe Druart, Marie-Laure Fauconnier. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2019).26(17), 17362–17372.
Evaluating operating characteristics of light sources for horticultural applications
C. Wallace, A.J. Both. ISHS Acta Horticulturae (2016). 1134, 435-444.
Evaluation by optical and soil sensors of forest seedlings grown in controlled conditions under low-energy lighting (LED)
Nicoletta FULGARO (2016).
Exploring the potential of high-density cultivation of cyanobacteria for the production of cyanophycin
Luca Lippi, Lars Bähr, Arne Wüstenberg, Annegret Wildea, Ralf Steuer. Algal Research (2018).31, 363-366.
Expression Patterns of Key Hormones Related to Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Embryo Physiological Maturity Shift in Response to Accelerated Growth Conditions
Federico M. Ribalta, Maria Pazos-Navarro, Kylie Edwards, John J. Ross, Janine S. Croser & Sergio J. Ochatt. (2019)
Faba Bean In Microspore Culture
Juho Hautsalo (2013)
First report on cryopreservation of mature shoot tips of two avocado (Persea americana Mill.) rootstocks
O’Brien, C., Hiti-Bandaralage, J.C.A., Folgado, R. et al. (2020)
Fluorescent versus LED light sources in plant growth and photosynthesis
Caspar Chater, David Pardo, Adam Green, Maggi Killion, Christoph Lehmeier. (2014).
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