100 % Focus on Plant Illumination

Valoya is the leading provider of LED grow lights for biotech and horticultural purposes

The company was founded in 2009 in Finland and now has personnel in Finland, Netherlands, Germany and the United States. Since 2009 we have been committed to creating the best LED grow lights in the market. We focus on plant biology research and finding the best possible spectra for optimal plant development. Our fixtures are made up of highest quality components, including custom LED chips that produce light spectra we have patented.

Our customers receive the support and care of our photobiologists, seed to sale.

8 out of 10 world’s largest agricultural companies are already using Valoya’s lights.

Valoya’s own team is supported by industry leading professionals globally though out our reseller network, as well as our research partners.

Others sell watts, lux or µmols, we provide our customers with higher productivity

Through light we deliver increases in yield and quality, energy savings and enable new plant growing applications. The core in our technology is the research based light spectrum which is a result of years of extensive research, countless trials and great amounts of feedback and support from our customers. Our light is richer in its amount of colors than generic LEDs for horticulture, traditional greenhouse lights or fluorescent lights. The composition of the light spectrum is designed to drive clear growing goals of customers, for example vegetative leaf growth or flowering. The composition of the light spectrum is wide, as it typically covers the full visible spectrum and beyond (UV-A and far red are also included in many spectra), whereas typical generic LEDs only use “narrow” red and blue LEDs which only impact plants’ light perception on a very small area of what is needed.

Valoya lights up plants seed-to-seed, from underground to roof-top growing environments

We serve all customer segments of professional plant cultivation. Most major seed companies use our lights to breed the plants that will in the future feed the planet. Crop protection companies use our products in their development of new substances to minimize crop loss to pests and diseases. Greenhouse growers of vegetables, flowers, the cannabis plant, tree seedlings etc. use our products in all phases of plant production, from seedling to marketable plants in various production environments. Our high power lights and superior spectra also enable production of algae in photobioreactors. We also have a leading vertical and urban farm customers who use our lights in novel production environments from underground to roof-top environments. To date we have hundreds of happy users in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Valoya® is a registered trademark of Valoya Oy in the European Community, the USA and certain other countries.

Valoya is a member of:

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National Cannabis Industry Association

North Central Extension & Research Activity–101

International Society for Horticultural Science

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