“Latest Development in Research on LED for Cannabis”



October 2018

Date  | Wednesday, 24th October 2018
Time | 2:00 pm EDT
Duration | 1 hour
Language | English
Price | Free
Organization | Valoya & Cannabis Business Times

Ms. Stefanie Linzer
Biologist, Crop Science & Cannabis Specialist


Latest Developments in Research on LED for Cannabis

24/10/20182:00pm EDT1 hour

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In this FREE webinar you will hear about the latest scientific findings regarding LED light for cannabis. Independent research data on cannabis is usually not publicly available or simply does not yet exist. In 2018, a comprehensive academic study on HPS vs. LED lighting for cannabis has been published in the Journal of Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids. This study has compared the effects of the two light sources on cannabis in two rounds and these findings will be presented during this one time only webinar! CREA-CIN from Italy, one of Europe’s leading agricultural research institutes has conducted the study and it was led by the famous Cannabis sativa researcher, Dr. Gianpaolo Grassi.

In addition to HPS and LED light comparisons we will discuss the lighting needs of the cannabis plant in all its growth stages from tissue culture to the flowering phase. Valoya, the manufacturer of LED grow lights, known for its science based approach to developing LED solutions has been conducting its own trials as well and these will be presented too. Before entering the cannabis market Valoya has studied a variety of LED spectra and their effects on fresh and dry flower weight, concentrations of THC, CBD and other secondary metabolites etc. These findings will be presented as well, including the current ongoing trials which will further deepen our knowledge on optimal cultivation practices of cannabis.
The webinar will be hosted by Ms. Stefanie Linzer, Valoya’s Biologist who has a long standing experience in conducting LED trials on plants, most of which in collaboration with world’s leading research institutes and agricultural companies.


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