LED Grow Lights for Leafy Greens

Valoya lights are used for growing edible leafy greens in various settings.

Valoya lights are available in different form factors and can therefore be used as both supplementary light as well as sole light source without natural light. The key is to provide the correct light quality to the crop at a certain developmental stage in order to achieve best growth results. We have developed a continuous spectrum targeted for leafy greens with a certain wavelength combination for our customers to achieve the best possible results whether they are working in a greenhouse environment or in a closed plant factory.

Valoya’s AP673L spectrum is designed to enhance biomass formation by increasing the number of leaves and leaf area. Plants grown under the AP673L spectrum have thick, well colored leaves and good roots. The spectrum can be used to grow edible leafy greens from seed to harvest. We also recommend to use this spectrum for propagation of ornamental seedlings, as the spectrum provides balanced growth; no stretching and high fresh weight production.

Valoya LED grow lights for vegetables, leafy greens, basil, parsley, spinach, kale, lettuce, herbs

Valoya Benefits

The Right Spectrum

Optimal light spectrum provides increased yields as well as energy savings. Valoya’s spectra enable superior growth at lower light intensities than traditional light or red/blue LEDs. Valoya can also improve your spectrum from traditional lamps in a so called hybrid installation i.e. a combination of HPS lamps and LEDs with the target to create a better spectrum. This can have a significant impact on quality especially during darker periods.

Energy Efficiency

LED lamps may contribute to significant energy savings when the installation is planned properly, spectrum is selected for a specific purpose and usage is optimized for the production process. Valoya’s AP673L and G1 spectrum are optimized for pure LED installations and hybrid installations respectively. These spectra are superior to traditional HPS or narrow band LEDs in terms of plant texture, taste and color.

Total Cost of Ownership

Valoya’s products are designed to have a long use life, typically rated at 90% of initial output at 35000 hours. This is 40% more than competing Dutch products. In practice this translates to a use life typically more than 10 years with minimal impact on growth results. The long use life is a result of excellent thermal properties of the LED fixture and the high quality power units used by Valoya.