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Valoya was founded out of genuine interest and passion for horticulture lighting solutions and we are dedicated to constant development of our product portfolio. Currently, we are the quality leader in the LED grow lights industry globally and  we aim to continue revolutionising horticulture.

We are seeking partners who share the same passion for horticulture and who are focused on quality in their work. We do not only sell lamps to customers – instead we provide them with high quality, research grade light as well as our expertise in growth protocols of most of the cultivated plants in the world. Our biologists track their progress and advise accordingly after the sale, because the success of our customers is how we measure our success.

Our global reseller network is our sales backbone and ensures that customer relationships are managed long term by competent and motivated professionals. That is why we pay great attention to ensure that resellers globally have the required tools to handle projects in a adequate way.

We promote long term relationships through a comprehensive training program and reward committed resellers with price incentives.

Valoya is Growing

Would you like to be part of a growing network of Valoya’s resellers?

Are you interested in representing the quality leader of the rapidly expanding LED grow lights market?

Biology Consulting

Valoya’s biologists are experienced biologists with deep knowledge in their respective fields. Domain Experts’ daily work includes helping resellers and end customers to find the optimal lighting solution to reach customers’ growth targets.

Our biologists participate actively in Valoya’s R&D programs and customer trials. As a reseller you will benefit from both direct support as well as knowledge shared in regular trainings and information sharing sessions.

Valoya’s biologists help you to find optimal solutions for customers’ challenges.

Light Planning

Valoya grants resellers access to its Online Light Planning Tool. This allows resellers to instantly plan typical single plane installations with Valoya fixtures. Cloud based fixture data ensures up-to-date information for all available Valoya fixtures.

Complex modelling on industry standard tools is available from the Valoya Light Planning team and ensures that large projects are presented in an appealing and competitive way including complex 3D modelling.

Accurate light planning ensures a uniform and hassle free installation.

Competence Development

Valoya’s competence transfer program ensures you have the required skills to make competitive offers. Our training modules target people in business, planning, installation and photobiology. We offer training both on-site, over the internet and on-the-job. Competence transfer is effectively conducted when our experts visit customers with you.

Training is offered free of charge for resellers with optional modules offered for advanced photobiology and advanced light planning.

Skilful personnel is a prerequisite for tendering in the competitive LED grow lights market.

Becoming a Valoya Reseller

We are continuously looking for established players in the horticulture industry who are interested in complementing their offering with professional LED grow lights.

Our reseller model allows companies of different size and skill levels to join, and to grow together with Valoya.

LED Grow Lights Reseller

For more information on joining the Valoya network as a reseller, please contact:
Mr.Rabbe Ringbom, Vice President Sales & Marketing
rabbe.ringbom (at)