The use of Valoya’s full spectrum LED lights improves the quality of plants. Begonias grown under Valoya LED lights achieved better color intensity and enhanced flowering compared to the plants grown under traditional artificial lighting.

Valoya studied the effects of LED lighting and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting on the growth of Begonia flowers. Begonias cultivated in greenhouses under traditional HPS lighting, have shown decrease of flower quality in the winter months when HPS lights are the dominant source of light. The decreased quality can be seen as pale color of flowers and uneven quality of the crop.

To test potential benefits compared to HPS lights, Valoya cultivated four varieties of Begonias: Blitz, Carneval, Rebecca and Reina. The research was conducted in conditions similar to commercial growers’ greenhouse settings.

The results of the demonstration showed that the wide spectrum of the Valoya LED lights provides improvement compared to HPS light. The improvement was seen in several ways; the plants grown under Valoya LED’s had up to 21% more flowering stems and up to 23% more buds in comparison with the HPS plants. In addition, the color intensity of the flowers and leaves was significantly stronger on the LED plants. The Begonias grown under Valoya’s full spectrum were compact and symmetrical, which contributed to a healthy and beautiful plant.  

Similar results have also been seen with tulips, roses, saintpaulia, chrysanthemum and several other plant species. 

The plants grown under Valoya’s AP67 LED -lights (left) produced stronger colors and a more compact and symmetrical plant, in comparison with HPS plants (right).