Download as pdf here: Press Release: Top Restaurants in Taipei Favor Lettuce and Herbs Grown Under Valoya LED Lights

Multilayer lettuce Taipei

Valoya, a provider of LED lights for professional horticultural applications, has delivered several hundred of its B100 LED fixtures to the Taiwanese grower David Lin for his advanced no-natural light multilayer system.

Mr. Lin is an experienced grower, who in 2011 decided to start cultivation of lettuce and herbs without natural light on his Stony Brook Hydroponic Farm, to gain full control of quality and production volume. Producing in a closed, highly controlled and hygienic environment enables Mr. Lin to produce completely without pesticides or on-crop chemicals.

The plants are grown from seed to sellable crop in the multilayer system and then quickly supplied directly to the customers, many of which are the top restaurants in Taipei, Taiwan.

“The very high efficiency of the fixtures was a positive surprise. I have tested several other LEDs from local and also European providers and they did not provide me with the same speed of growth and quality. Another beneficial factor was the light spectrum, which in comparison to red-blue LEDs, enables quality control of the plants and good working conditions for humans.“ Mr. Lin continues “My customers are very demanding in terms of quality. They have been very satisfied with the high quality of my lettuce and herbs.”

Lars Aikala, CEO of Valoya comments: “We are very proud that Mr. Lin has chosen our lights and that we, each time he has expanded, have been chosen to provide more lights. It is very nice to see that the in-depth research we have put into light spectra over the years, is providing high value to our customers’ production.”