In the Gregor Mendel Institute (GMI), in Vienna, Austria High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps were replaced by Valoya AP67 luminaires. After a test period conducted by the lab manager Borries Luberacki, Valoya´s AP67 spectrum was chosen to be the replacement for the former HPS lamps. For this decision, the light quality as well as the energy saving aspects were taken into account.

The workshop of the GMI built an amazing construction, which, together with Valoya´s B-series products, provides full mobility and flexibility in adjusting light intensity and uniformity. The lights are used by many researchers for a wide variety of applications at the same time.

Valoya´s spectrum AP67 covers all needed wavelengths such as green, blue, red and far-red. The photoactive radiation is 83%. The benches in the GMI’s greenhouse were equipped with B-series fixtures as seen in the picture. Valoya’s B-series has the Ingress Protection Rating of 55 (IP-rating). The institute also used Valoya’s C-series (IP-rating of 66) with the same spectrum for their shelves. Therefore, Valoya products give not only the right choice of spectrum, but are also very flexible in their models and use.

The spectrum AP67 is also successfully in use for Rose, Phalenonopsis, Strawberries, wheat and sugar beets in greenhouses outside of the GMI. For the needed light intensities our 3D Simulations will calculate the exact amount of needed luminaires focusing on uniformity and optimum energy efficiency. 

About Gregor Mendel Institute, Molekulare Pflanzenbiologie GmbH

The Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology (GMI) was founded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences in 2000 to promote research excellence in the area of plant molecular biology. It is one of the few institutes worldwide that focuses on basic research using plants.

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