MCPET Reflective Sheet

The technology behind MCPET Reflective Sheets

A microcellular foamed sheet is a foamed body that contains air bubbles of sizes of several µm. With MCPET, the size of those air bubbles is less than 10μm.

Light reflection mechanism

By microcellullar air bubbles, the incident light repeats a reflection in each interface. The light reflects randomly on the bordering surface between the air and PET, resulting in excellent light reflecting performance.

This is why MCPET Reflective Sheet has the world’s highest reflective performance given by micro-cellular structure and give processing options of self-stand bending or thermoforming by its high rigidity.


The excellent light-reflecting property allows the light from light sources to be reflected efficiently and evenly. As a result, uneven lighting may be suppressed and the number of fluorescent and LED lamps may be reduced, making a significant contribution to energy conservation

MCPET Reflective Sheet

MCPET is the world’s first commercialized microcellular formed polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sheet.

MCPET offers many advantages over previous generation reflectors and has been embraced by all the leading companies in lighting industry.

  • Excellent reflectivity
  • Very high diffusive reflectivity
  • Uniform lighting

600 mm x 1200 mm / 23.6″ x 47.2″

0,88 mm / 0.03″

99 % RB, 101 % E 3 & P3 GRADE (compared to BaS04)

96 % RB, 97 % E3 & P3 GRADE, reducing light bulb/strip shadows enabling lower units and requiring less structural material.

177 °C (Melting temperature: 240 °C).