Powerful LED Tubes. No Heat.

T8 Tube LED Grow Lights


With absolute light uniformity and no heat produced even when placed right above the canopy, the L-Series is ideal for vertical farming, tissue culture, growth chambers, grafting and growing cannabis in the vegetative stage. The T8 form factor allows the L-series products to be installed in fluorescent tube fixtures without modification (fixtures with magnetic ballast). By using optional end-caps the IP rating can go as high as IP67.

Slim, Light and Bright. Up to 2,1 µmol/W

Model L28 – 28 Watts


Model L35 – 35 Watts

Model L28:

1200 mm / 47.2″

0,36 kg / 0.79 lb


Model L35:

1500 mm / 59″

0,44 kg / 0.97 lb

Nominal Supply Voltage (VAC) – 120:

Model L28 – up to 35 tubes in a single chain

Model L35 – up to 25 tubes in a single chain


Nominal Supply Voltage (VAC) – 230:

Model L28 – up to 60 tubes in a single chain

Model L35 – up to 50 tubes in a single chain

All Valoya spectra available.


Up to 2,1 µmol/W


Read more about Valoya’s LED grow light spectra.

CE Marked


RoHS Compliant

Optional End-Caps

Less Cables

Up to 60 tubes can be daisy-chained together to a single mains input. The end-caps chain (IP64)  is customizable and by choosing the right connectors and extension pieces you can make a chain that fits your installation.

Valoya Chainable End-Caps for LED Tubes


Vertical Farm

Crop Protection

Growing Underground
Vertical Farm