The Entire Cannabis Industry in One Room

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21Nov '17

The Entire Cannabis Industry in One Room

The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo brought 18.000 participants and more than 650 exhibitors to the Las Vegas Convention Center last week. The fifth rendition of this event proved to be the world’s largest gathering of the cannabis industry players, from seed to sale. For most exhibitors, this event is the highlight of the year and the place where most business is done. A single exhibition hall with seemingly endless rows of booths hosted what seemed to a curated selection of companies representing the global cannabis industry. With 46 countries’ representatives on the floor, there is no bigger event in the world of this kind. The dates for 2018 have already been announced and with it preparations are already underway.

Valoya MJBizCon Las Vegas

Valoya at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo 2017, booth 523

Valoya presented its innovations at booth 523. We introduced two new luminaire configurations to the market: Sunscale VEG (a LED tube configuration for quick vegetative development) and Sunscale BLOOM (a high intensity LED bar configuration that creates dense flower formations with high THC and other secondary metabolite levels). However, what attracted most attention was a poster we presented, showing results of a two year long academic study Valoya has been part of.

The study titled ‘The Effect of Light Spectrum on Cannabis Sativa Morphology and Cannabinoid Content’ (G.Grassi, G.Magagnini, S.Kotiranta) was a two year long endeavor that investigated the effects on plant morphology and secondary metabolite accumulation in Cannabis sativa under three different types of artificial illumination: HPS (high pressure sodium), Valoya’s NS1 and Valoya’s AP673L. The findings show that Valoya’s spectra create more compact plants with significantly higher THC accumulation (up to 38%) than under HPS.

LED spectra for cannabis cultivation

Three light sources were compared to each other.
Spectra of the used light sources from left to right: HPS, AP673L and NS1.

HPS LED comparison

Plants under LED spectra were more compact
and produced more cannabinoids than the HPS light source.

The poster drew in a lot of visitors to the stand due to its remarkable findings as well as for the fact that this was the first time an academic approach was undertaken to study the effects. The research is to be published in an academic journal in 2018.

To learn more about the research, please contact Ms.Stiina Kotiranta, Valoya’s Research Manager  – stiina.kotiranta (at)

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