LED Grow Lights for Professional Cannabis Production

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Valoya sells LED grow lights and solutions for cannabis production and research only in those countries where it is legal to do so and only to those customers who are in possession of appropriate cannabis cultivation licences, as defined by local laws. Valoya will require verification of the legal status from its customers to ensure they are licensed growers.

Research Grade Light

Valoya LED Grow Lights for Cannabis Production

Cannabis sativa is cultivated for its multiple secondary metabolites, cannabinoids, which are used for pharmaceutical, medical and recreational purposes. The main compound collected from Cannabis sativa flowers is ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. THC is widely regarded as having effects including pain relief and appetite stimulation, that may, among other things, increase the tolerance of cancer patients to chemotherapy. High cannabinoid content is mainly determined by the genetic strain, however environmental factors such as light play a significant role. A superior quality light can expedite the growth cycle and produce a plant with greater flower dry weight and a higher concentration of THC, CBD, THCV and CGB.


Valoya’s spectra have been tested for cannabis production and compared against traditional lighting technologies such as High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH) or fluorescent lights. Several Valoya light spectra have a strong positive impact on the chemical content on substances such as THC and CBD. Furthermore, Valoya’s B and R series luminaries are high intensity fixtures, capable of producing up to 1000 µmol/m2/s lighting environments.

LED Grow Lights for Cannabis Cultivation

Sunscale VEG LED Grow Light for Cannabis

Sunscale VEG

  • Research grade fixtures with international certifications
  • 11 high intensity tubes in a 4’x4′ configuration
  • Suitable for S.O.G. or multi-tiered
  • Not bothered by dust, humidity or harsh cleaning agents (alcohol, peroxide, chlorine etc.)
  • No finns or fans collecting dirt
  • Best light uniformity on the market
Sunscale BLOOM LED Grow Light for Cannabis

Sunscale BLOOM

  • Research grade fixtures with international certifications
  • 4 high intensity bars in a 4’x4′ configuration
  • Suitable for S.O.G. or multi-tiered
  • Not bothered by dust, humidity or harsh cleaning agents (alcohol, peroxide, chlorine etc.)
  • No finns or fans collecting dirt
  • Best light uniformity on the market
LED Grow Light Tube, T8

Sunscale VEG is made up of 11 L28 tubes with the AP673L spectrum.

The L28 tube delivers the industry leading 2,1 µmol/W. The AP673L spectrum has been proven in more than 100 trials to boost the vegetative growth resulting in a plant with great biomass. Therefore when the plant progresses into the bloom stage it can produce and support many and large flowers.

BX120 LED Grow Light

Sunscale BLOOM is made up of 4 BX120 bars with the NS1 spectrum.

The BX120 bar delivers the industry leading 2,1 µmol/W. It is light, robust and can withstand extreme humidity, impact, harsh cleaning agents etc. The NS1 spectrum or The Sunligh Spectrum has been found to produce 26-38% more THC in the cannabis plant as opposed to when it is illuminated with HPS.  This spectrum is favored by research institues and crop science companies worldwide.

All Valoya’s spectra are patented. They cover the 380 nm to 780 nm wavelength making them wide (full / continuous) and thus a better light source for plants than HPS, MH etc. and better than most other LEDs lighting solutions available on the market. Click here to learn more.

Click here to learn more about the L28 and BX120 models.

To learn more about Sunscale VEG and Sunscale BLOOM, please click here.

Valoya Benefits

Light Quality

Optimal light spectrum provides increased yields as well as energy savings. Valoya’s fixtures deliver high quality, sun-like light spectra with high intensity, while producing a minimal amount of heat and consuming less electricity than any other lighting technology. Additionally, the NS1 spectrum appears white to human eyes, enabling the grower to see the plant as it would appear under sunlight and do visual inspection of the plants.


Valoya’s lights use high efficiency LEDs with optimal passive cooling, with minimal heat radiation towards the plants. The small amount of heat that is created, radiates upwards, leaving the plant unaffected.

Total Cost of Ownership

Valoya’s products are designed to have a long use life, typically rated at 90% of initial output at 35000 hours, which in most cases leads to a productive life of 7-8 years and beyond. The long use life is a result of excellent thermal properties of the LED fixture and the high quality power units used by Valoya.

Lighting as a Service Program

Traditional lighting and HVAC account up to 95% of total energy consumption in professional plant cultivation. LED brings significant energy savings as it lasts years longer and consumes 50-70% less electricity. On top of that LED light spectra are more suited to efficient plant growth than for instance HPS which was designed for street lighting purposes.

Cost is the main reason why many growers are hesitating to transition from HPS, MH, fluorescent and other traditional lighting methods to LED. This is why Valoya introduced Laas – Lighting as a Service payment option.

What the grower gets for 5 years:

  • LED grow lights
  • Free of charge maintenance and replacement of faulty products
  • Free of charge upgrades to the lighting technology
  • A comprehensive light plan
  • Support from Valoya’s team of horticultural lighting and photobiology specialists

This is a turnkey solution that comes at 0 capital expenditure by the grower. You are billed monthly with a ‘Saved Energy’ utility payment, based on kWhrs saved by switching to LED.

» Save 50-70% in energy bills
» Get free maintenance, replacement and support
» Call now for a FREE initial energy savings calculation