Based on Valoya’s bestseller, the B-Series, this next step in evolution brings countless improvements. The BX-Series are high intensity, robust LED bars designed for growth chambers and multitier cultivation. With the light intensity of up to 2,4 µmol/W and the dimming function these bars can be placed anywhere between 10 cm and 4 m above the canopy (4″ – 13′).

The BX-Series is rated IP67 and IK08 meaning it is completely dust tight, can whitstand water submersion as well as impact without compromising any functionality. Typical lifetime is 50 000 hours for the light output to drop to 70% of nominal.

Heavy duty and high intensity LED bars. Up to 2,4 µmol/W

Model BX90 – 88 Watts


Model BX120 – 132 Watts


Model BX180 – 199 Watts

Model BX90:

900 mm / 35.4″

3,5 kg / 7.7 lb


Model BX120:

1200 mm / 47.2″

4,1 kg / 9.0 lb


Model BX180:

1800 mm / 70.8″

5,4 kg / 11.9 lb

Model BX90 – Yes


Model BX120 – Yes


Model BX180 – Yes

All Valoya spectra available.


Up to 2,4 µmol/W


Read more about Valoya’s LED grow light spectra.

CE Marked


RoHS Compliant

Optional Hanging Hooks