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Aquaporins - The Guardians of Waterflow Through Membranes

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David Israel, a PhD. Student from the Univeristy of Helsinki, is studying the role of aquaporins in plant water relations through the hydraulic architecture and the control of water loss.  The aim of this experiment is to study water transport through the plant in general, but also the impact of alterations in water transport on plant development and water use efficiency. Water relations are measured by monitoring the gas exchange in a leaf with specific equipment. In the picture below, the measuring is taking place. As you can see, the plants have been potted higher than normally, in order for the machine to have a better access to the leaves. Like many researchers today, David is also using the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana, in his experiments. Arabidopsis thaliana plants of different developmental stages are growing under the Valoya AP67 grow light spectrum.

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This study is being conducted in the University of Helsinki, Department of Biosciences. David Israel is part of the Canopy spectral ecology and Ecophysiology group, led by Matthew Robson.

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