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Insight on science in Finland on Projects Magazine – Sensory photobiology and ecophysiology of plants

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SenPEP is a research group led by Dr. Pedro J. Aphalo. Based at the University of Helsinki, the group’s field of research is sensory photobiology and ecophysiology of plants. In more detail, the group studies e.g. the modulation of the light sensitivity of stomata by other environmental factors, effects of natural UV radiation on plants and via plants on other trophic levels. Another aspect of their research is how to utilize photobiological knowledge in horticultural practise. Regarding this topic, Valoya and SenPEP research group have been collaborating for some years now.

The special edition of Projects Magazine (Insight Publishers) “Finland – Flying the flag for research excellence”, introduces varying research fields and topics, from owls and black holes to aforementioned sensory responses of plants and SenPEP (pages 42-44).

Picture below showing (from left) PhD student Sari Siipola, yours truly, and Valoya's Research & Solution Manager Stiina Kotiranta at the University of Helsinki greenhouse in Viikki, sampling begonias at the end of the experiment.

begonia sampling


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