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The More the Berrier

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Clusters of lingonberry and cloudberry (latter are often referred as peatland jewels here in Finland) callus cultures grow in petri dishes under Valoya lights at VTT laboratories in Otaniemi, Espoo. The aim is to study how light spectral quality affects chlorophylls, carotenoids, lipids and phenolic compounds production in the cultures. This joint research between VTT Plant Biotechnology and University of Helsinki, Faculty of Pharmacy and Valoya Ltd will gain BSc Olli Åman his Master’s thesis.

VTT Plant Biotechnology

University of Helsinki, Faculty of Pharmacy







   Petri dishes under Valoya L20 tubes.     Lingonberry callus cultures.


  Now the cultures are ready to be processed. Below is a picture showing lingonberry culture taken through a microscope. Another picture shows freeze dried material ready to be processed. Detailed analysis has been done during spring 2014 and the MSc thesis is under preparation, so I'll get back to the topic later.

puolukka zoom

kylmakuivatut rakissa


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