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21Nov '18

What do GMP and GACP Certifications Mean for the Cannabis Industry?

As the world is rapidly opening up to cannabis, growers interested in cultivating it can choose between the two markets to serve: recreational or medicinal. Recreational market caters to customers interested in consuming cannabis and its derivatives for relaxation, for pleasure, out of curiosity etc. Medicinal market, on the other hand targets treating various diseases […]

09Nov '18

Tips For Cloning the Cannabis Plant

Why to use cuttings instead of seeds? Cloning the Cannabis sativa plants means asexually reproducing identical copies of your cannabis mother plant. During the vegetative, long day growth (18h) you might notice that some of the plants grow faster than the others. Those that have well developed, dark green leaves, a strong stem and no […]

22Oct '18

Free Webinar: Latest Development in Research on LED for Cannabis

Valoya, the manufacturer of LED grow lights, known for their photobiology research focus announce a free webinar for professional cultivators of cannabis. In this FREE webinar you will hear about the latest scientific findings regarding LED light for cannabis. Independent research data on cannabis is usually not publicly available or simply does not yet exist. […]

03Sep '18

Increasing Lettuce Coloration with LEDs

Using LED grow lights in plant production is a relatively new branch of science. In vertical farming where artificial light sources are used in closed environment it is important to collect data about the individual plant species to be able to produce the right spectrum and light intensity for vegetative and generative growth. Light spectrums […]

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