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09Nov '18

Tips For Cloning the Cannabis Plant

Why to use cuttings instead of seeds? Cloning the Cannabis sativa plants means asexually reproducing identical copies of your cannabis mother plant. During the vegetative, long day growth (18h) you might notice that some of the plants grow faster than the others. Those that have well developed, dark green leaves, a strong stem and no […]

07Nov '18

Interview With One of Europe’s Leading Cannabis Researchers, Dr. Gianpaolo Grassi

As cannabis becomes more accepted worldwide reseachers can finally start studying the plant and increasing our collective understanding of it. Some researchers however have had the possibility to study it for a long time already with special cultivation licences granted by states they live in. For instance, in Israel cannabis has been actively studied since […]

26Oct '18

Order of 6400 pcs of Valoya Canna+TM, Cannabis LEDs with an Ultra-Wide Spectrum

Earlier this month, Valoya, the manufacturer of high end LED grow light solutions has introduced Valoya Canna+ to the market – a line of LED luminaires with an ultra-wide spectrum designed for professional cultivation of cannabis. As a company specialized in fine tuned spectra development, Valoya has independently tested and optimized Valoya Canna+ through a […]

03Sep '18

Increasing Lettuce Coloration with LEDs

Using LED grow lights in plant production is a relatively new branch of science. In vertical farming where artificial light sources are used in closed environment it is important to collect data about the individual plant species to be able to produce the right spectrum and light intensity for vegetative and generative growth. Light spectrums […]

27Aug '18

How Do LED Grow Lights Work?

  What You Should Know About LED Grow Lights Energy-efficient LED grow lights are the lighting of the future of agriculture. They are not only economic in their use but they produce better plants as well, in comparison to all traditional lighting options. In the texts below you can read how the LED grow lights […]

21Jun '18

Valoya Launches a High Intensity LED Grow Light for Greenhouses

Valoya is the leading LED grow lights provider for crop science applications. Its fixtures are typically used by seed breeding companies, crop protection companies, vertical farms, research institutes and universities. This includes 8 out of 10 world’s largest agricultural companies. The wide, patented spectra are what Valoya is known for and now these will become […]

23May '18

8 Tips for Setting Up Successful Plant Trials with LED

LED grow lights provide an easy opportunity for growers and scientists to conduct plant trials with simple installations and a broad range of different spectra in multiple form factors. The following tips should encourage scientists and commercial growers who are currently not familiar with studies in horticultural lighting, to find out how the different features […]

22May '18

The Vertical Farming Panel at GreenTech

The LEDs & Innovators Conference 2018 is set to be one of the highlights of GreenTech this year. A full day conference will gather some of Europe’s leading vertical farmers, crop science researchers and cannabis cultivation specialists in one room. The vertical farming panel will be held from 12.00 till 13.30 (Wednesday, June 13th) and […]

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