Author: Valoya LED Grow Lights

05Oct '17

Light Approaches to Speed up the Generation Turnover

The development of new plant varieties with advanced performance or an improved environmental adaptation is important to secure our food. To obtain new genetic recombinants or to introduce one or multiple target genes, plants need to be pollinated in a controlled way and seeds must be collected – best as fast as possible to keep […]

14Aug '17

Taking the Quality of Leafy Greens Beyond Organic

Leafy green vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and herbs travel long distances before they reach local retailers and eventually our plates. These journeys can sometimes be thousands of kilometers and result in plants with depleted nutritional value and flavor. Furthermore, for plants to survive these long journeys and retain some degree of freshness they are […]

03Aug '17

Valoya Enables Plant Growth in Europe’s Deepest Mine

Small town of Pyhäjärvi located in central Finland is home to Europe’s deepest mine, reaching down to 1444 m (4738 ft) below surface. The municipality of Pyhäjärvi, supported by LUKE (Natural Resources Institute Finland) is repurposing parts of the mine to be used for horticultural research. Crop production will be set up at the depth […]

14Jul '17

[Video] A Sneak Peek into the World’s Most Famous Vertical Farm

[Video] A Sneak Peek into the World’s Most Famous Vertical Farm The ‘Growing Underground’ vertical farm has been featured on CNN, BBC, National Geographic, Al Jazeera and countless other worldwide media platforms. Located 33 m underneath central London in an abandoned WW2 shelter, it supplies local restaurants and retailers with 15 varieties of microgreens daily. […]

20Jun '17

Valoya and Weiss Technik UK Bring a State of the Art Research Environment to the University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow, College of MVLS, Plant Science Group have partnered with Weiss Technik UK and Valoya, the Finnish LED grow lights manufacturer to create a state of the art research environment. Three Weiss Technik FITOTRON SGR 213 environmentally controlled plant growth rooms with research grade LED grow lights were installed to perform experiments […]

14Jun '17

Next Generation of LED Tubes

Vertical farmers typically opt for LED tubes to illuminate their crops as these can be placed close to the canopy, produce optimal light intensity and minimal heat. Other suitable applications for such luminaires may include research settings, grafting of seedlings etc. Valoya’s L-Series (T8 tubes) have been designed for these uses and installed in many […]

08May '17

Why is LED Grow Light Purple?

Sure, by now we are all aware that LED light does wonderful things for plant growth. Plants grow quicker and healthier than under other, traditional lighting methods such as HPS, and if the LEDs are good, then even better than under natural sunlight. But why are they always purple/pink? All light sources contain a spectrum […]