Warm White Spectrum for Architectural Uses

LED Grow Lights for Botanical Garden Installations, Plant Walls etc.

LED Grow Lights for Plant Walls - Singapore Airport

Valoya’s spectra have been developed primarily for the benefit of the plant. LED grow lights in general produce a light that appears from soft to intense pink to human eyes. Valoya’s spectra are wide/continuous spectra meaning they incorporate parts of the entire spectrum, thus being a close match to sunlight and appearing soft pink to white to human eyes.

Keeping in mind the particular needs for lights for indoor plant walls, we have developed a special spectrum, ARCH, which appears white to human eyes. It is based on our plant production spectrum AP67, but contains more green light making it more suitable for architectural applications. In other words, this light spectrum will create strong, healthy plants while at the same time illuminating the space where it is with a pleasant, warm white light.

Valoya Benefits


Optimal light spectrum provides increased yields as well as energy savings. Valoya’s spectra enable superior growth at lower light intensities than traditional light or un-optimized generic LEDs. Valoya’s spectra have been in use for architectural applications globally. In order to achieve maximum output we create a lighting plan for you with exact lamp positioning, angles and distance from plants.


Valoya’s lights use high efficiency LEDs with optimal passive cooling resulting in minimal heat radiation towards the plants. This, and the high modularity of some of our luminaries such as the L-series products and the uniform light spectrum (ie. full spectrum LEDs are used, not combinations of red-blue) enables them to be used up to proximities of 15 cm from plants.

Total Cost of Ownership

Valoya’s products are designed to have a long use life, typically rated at 90% of initial output at 35000 hours, which in most cases leads to a productive life of 7-8 years and beyond. The long use life is a result of excellent thermal properties of the LED fixture and the high quality power units used by Valoya.