About Valoya

Valoya is a provider of energy efficient LED lights for professional horticultural purposes. The company was founded in Finland in 2009 and has today employees in Netherlands, UK, Singapore, Japan and Finland

The core idea of Valoya is to provide better light to plants. Valoya does not do “white light” LEDs for office or street light applications; there is always a plant under our lights. Knowledge about better light is based on extensive academic and practical research on plant behavior to Valoya light. These results have been evaluated and confirmed by professional growers in their own trials or in production use.

The uniqueness of Valoya LEDs is the continuous spectrum of light distributed in different intensities over the wide wavelength range to provide desired results. To date Valoya has customers in several segments. We have plant breeders, growers and research institutions using our lights to grow plants ranging from flowers and vegetables to ornamental trees and algae. Our customers are located in 18 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. The company is privately owned, by its founders and two investors.

Valoya® is a registered trademark of Valoya Oy in the European Community, the USA and certain other countries.      NYI-2014 logo vaaka netti