optimised for production and research.

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 LED Grow Lights                    

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LED Grow Lights

Optimised for production and research

LED Grow Lights


Accelerate the growth and efficiency of your plant production with Valoya LED grow lights which have been optimised through more than 400 large scale research projects done in collaboration with Wageningen University, Max Planck Institute, Julius Kühn-Institut etc.

Focus on quality. Expertise in photobiology.

Valoya holds 57 patents on its technology. Our LED grow lights are designed and manufactured in Finland and adhere to the highest quality standards.

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8 out of 10 World’s Largest Agricultural Companies use Valoya LED Grow Lights.

And many more.


Successful plant production demands high quality indoor LED grow lights – in this regard, Valoya has become the leading supplier of LED grow lights, providing luminaires and spectra for respectable companies such as KWS, Limagrain and Syngenta. This type of collaboration makes Valoya a globally significant contributor to the food production efficiency.

Furthermore, Valoya’s LED grow lights are designed to accelerate the growth and efficiency of the plant production whereby the LED lights have been optimised through more than 400 large scale world-wide research projects implemented in collaboration with the Wageningen University, Max Planck Institute, Julius Kühn-Institut, John Innes Centre and Rothamsted Research etc.

Additionally, with its consistent focus on photobiology research and plant production, Valoya has produced 57 patents on own-developed technology. Valoya’s LED grow lights are designed and manufactured in Finland and adhere to the highest quality standards. To illustrate this, one of the most reputable companies such as Bayer uses Valoya’s NS1 and AP673L spectra in their growth chambers for the purpose of finding the most optimal crop protection solutions.

Apart from Valoya’s LED grow lights offering the highest spectra quality, Valoya’s luminaries are valued by the world-wide researchers due to the high CRI value (color rendering index), offering eye-friendly LED grow lights that reflect plant colours faithfully (more on CRI in our blog post ‘Why Is LED Grow Light Purple’).

To top it all, Valoya is the only LED grow lights provider that has developed its own Spectrum Quality Standard offering guarantee that the spectrum variation will be within bounds, ensuring the same plant responses, subsequently contributing to the high quality in plant production efficiency.

Farmers CutHamburg

Video Case Study, Vertical Farming

Farmers Cut is a Hamburg based vertical farm bringing superior quality leafy greens to the restaurants in their city.

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8 Tips for Setting Up Successful Plant Trials with LED

LED grow lights provide an easy opportunity for growers and scientists to conduct plant trials with simple installations and a broad range of different spectra in multiple form factors. The following tips should encourage scientists and commercial growers who are currently not familiar with …

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Artificial Lighting In Agriculture

In January 2018, Valoya in collaboration with the University of Almeria and Buresinnova has published a study about artificial lighting in agriculture. The study introduces experiments using different spectra and types of light to measure how they can affect plants on growing purposes in different conditions.

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The Entire Cannabis Industry in One Room

The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo brought 18.000 participants and more than 650 exhibitors to the Las Vegas Convention Center last week. The fifth rendition of this event proved to be the world’s largest gathering of the cannabis industry players, from seed to sale.

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We wanted to have the right light spectrum for our plants, as well as high light intensity fixtures, that we could use as moving lights.

With Valoya’s LED grow lights as artificial illumination we got the best quality of pea shoots, while achieving the significant energy savings we were after.

Jan Bentley, Managing Director of W.S. Bentley

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